Dr. Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu is Author, Inspirational Speaker, Youth Mentor and Advisor, she has been awarded Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Counseling by GLIBU-Nigeria, Award-Winning Author, administrator/secretary/creative background, Entrepreneur, BA in Business and Management at University of Northampton UK, Family and Relationship Mentor. She has been recognized for her contributions to Peace, Humanity, NGOs/Charities and Community and has been awarded, International Noble Ambassador UNRS-Nigeria, International Peace & Humanitarian by Abhigyane Foundation India, Humanity and Patriotism Award by AHRI- Bangladeshi, Certificate of Recognition by Presidential Advisory Board-United States of America, Certificate of Achievement of Victoria Cross and War Medal for The second World War End Memories Peace Awards 2020 by Monarch of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Common Wealth and Emperor of India Historical Memories in India, World Best Civility Humanitarian by Greatness University – UK, Best Writer by Government of India, Author of Greatness by Greatness University-UK, Iconic Influencer by Aesthetics International-India, The Legend Award, Inspiration and Relationship Award by 10-10-10 Program-Canada, Shine Ambassador Award by Leap and Shine Conference – UK, International Advisor for International Youth Society UK and many more, Award-Winning Speaker, Humanity Award.

She has been featured on National Press such as Financial Herald, Fox News, ABC News and NBC News, Small Business Trendsetter Magazine, Okunsgroup USA Magazine, Victorious Life Magazine, Powerhouse Global Magazine and Local Hornchurch Newspaper. She was featured on Diversity Television in Ireland and Amaze TV- The Mindful Session and has been interviewed on many media platforms and presently an Inspirational Presenter on Radioiere UK/TT Family Channel. 

Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu is an International Speaker at Powerhouse Dubai Summit 2020 and Global Woman Business London Summit and many international summits, Inspiring Youths, Youth leaders and Women in relationships, Business and life in general and regular Speaker at Global Woman Business Breakfast Meetings. She shares her wisdom, incredible personal story and experiences. She has set up a programmed to help Youths, Relationships and Families in the area of Renewing Mindset, Building Relationships, Creating Kingdom Wealth and Personal Development in her Yes You Can International.

Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu has a tremendous amount of wisdom to share to assist her clients in living their best life possible! She inspires people worldwide with her personal story and for many years her passion has been inspiring, empowering, transforming lives and relationship for her clients. Mindset is everything! Elizabeth believes everyone can become, achieve, be fulfilled, be successful life you never dreamed of.  She also believe people can build deeper and health relationship with awareness of greater love, better understanding of oneself and others, marriage and positioning. And it is possible to rebuild and reconnect relationship, broken trust and promoting relationship and family.

Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu is the Author of many published books such as yes you can series: yes you can, yes you can mindset 101, Affirmation 101, Inspirational Nuggets of Wisdom and The Love We Lost. Co-Author of Jesus Saved Our Lives, Tough Roads Create Tough People and Effects of Covid19 and Mending the broken hearted.  She succeeded in running different businesses in United Kingdom, despite all odds, adversities and challenges, she overcame and became successful and creative entrepreneur, she went from being abandoned, unloved, abused, have nothing, rejected by many and An ordinary lady/woman, housemaid, housewife and settled for average, second best, to be trained, coached, mentored by many great men and women, she increased in knowledge and wisdom up to BA Degree in Business and Management, Became Secretary of the Year, UK School Governor, PA/ Secretary to Directors, Sales Leader, Supervisor Market Executive and Part time Administrator in NHS.

Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu is the former Director of Tokmez Limited. She became an Inspirational Speaker, writer, blogger and creative. UK Director of International Youth Society, Director/ Ambassador of Kamara Youth UK, UK/Europe Ambassador to WIDPHAN INTERNATIONAL-Ghana, UK Ambassador for Generation Light International Bible University-Nigeria, We are the change for LOANI, Right Vision Academy UK/Pakistan, Global Woman Club – UK, CESPADAfrica-International Advisor Mentorship and many organizations globally, Founder/Director of Elizabeth Kreations UK, Time with Elizabeth Lucas, Radio Inspirational Show Host, and Yes You Can International (inspiring, empowering and mentoring Youths, Women and Families individually, locally and international. she appointed the most influential International brand icon Mr Mikki Koomar (India) as International Brand Ambassador of her organizations. She is Happily Married and Mother of two children.