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Testimony about Christian Widow Widower Empowerment Initiative Nigeria.

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Sure, it has been of great help. The fact that one can meet  and interact with different individuals bound by similar life experiences  in same group who can share of their lives and journey to widowhood is encouraging…

Some of us who are still quite young in age and even the journey of widowhood were at the initial stage very desperate to know if at all there are other young people with similar bitter experiences and being in a group like this has actually given answers to such questions and other concerns on our minds…

You are definitely doing a great job here ma’am, using your circumstance as an opportunity and avenue to reach out to so many others who have been made to walk this dreadful path of loss and I would like to say thank you ma’am for choosing this pathway…I may not have been making posts personally but I see all the activities and I make some comments from time to time or punch like buttons but I must let you know that I have learnt a lot and I know a lot of others too have.. 

Please keep up the great job and may The Lord continue to empower you and everyone of us that we may continually be a source of strength, encouragement and comfort to others who will be made to walk this dreadful path  of loss after us and sadly, everyday, somewhere, somehow someone is forced into this journey…. Mmmmmmmm may The Lord continue to see us all through… Amen!!

Well done ma’am… and one love to every member of this great group….

By Enyone Etila. For Christian widows widowers support group Nigeria.

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