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Finally I am married Again! Halleluyah

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Good evening all. 

I have decided to share my testimony to encourage you all here especially for the young widows. 

I got married the first time in 1997 and then he passed in Nov 2003 leaving me with 3 children. I want working then and because he had been I’ll for a while before his death it was a challenge how I was going to cope. The Lord assured me that He would take care of me because he became my husband and He sure did. Some lessons I learnt over those years

1) I behaved as one who had God as my husband. I told him everything I needed and I allowed him lead me to what to do. People would always want to tell the widow how to behave but for the one who truly has God as father and husband, your instructions should come from Him only. 

2) He led me into committing to him in church by way of serving in the choir. I was always in church. When friends went for parties, I went to church. I didnt attend functions and because of that some friends left me Dear widowed, God is all you need in life. Any friend whose life wouldn’t let you align with the purpose of God for you isnt worth your friendship. Pls let them go. 

3) I received grace to stay pure sexually. Widowhood is no excuse for immorality because we have been called unto holiness. 
I course when he passed I had so much urge for sex and I cried to God in prayer. He heard me and removed it. You too can do same. Some friends even supposed Christian friends advised me to get into a relationship because God would understand they said but by God’s grace my instructions from God helped me stand. 

4) God also brought into my life real friends who encouraged me times o almost gave up. Thee are true friends, we must hold on to them. They are the ones who would lead you on the path of God for your life, giving you godly counsel. 

Was the road rough? Oh yes it was very rough sometimes. I had questions many times but I trusted God because there are times God would be silent and I would wonder what the issue was. 
Again something I did was I asked God a simple question which was ” Lord, is thre someone that can marry me and be a father to my 3 children?” And His response was YES. 

There were many times I cried over his demise but one day the Lord told me to let him go. Lesson learnt is that there is no need holding on to the dead. As a matter I fact there is no marriage in heaven. We dint forget but we dint hold on too, for there is no connection between the living and the dead. My dear people if you consistently dream of a lare spouse, its not him or her but familiar spirits. Unless God just wants to give you a privileged information with a known face. You must break yourself free. 

For all those years, I had let go, I was serving God wholeheartedly and living the christian life and marriage didn’t come. 
Supposed Christian men rejected me because of my commitment to the work of the kingdom. Some rejected me because they didn’t want my 3 Children. A man who rejects you because of your commitment to God and God’s work, is not your husband. Also a man who wants to marry you and wants your children sent to their mother isn’t your husband. 

After a few disappointments, I went to the Lord in prayer and a 3 day fast. In quietness I asked God about my marriage and He instruction me to move to a location I hated. Oh No! I wondered why God was malt rearing. Lol, yes I felt so.
In that area God led me to an old family friend and we met and began communicating again. Now the man didn’t know me well because he was actually my friends friend . The wife knew me but not so well and before then I didn’t like being close to couples at all because I didn’t want any kind of suspicion from any woman about me . 
It was this man God used to introduce me to my husband. 

Now I’m married almost 16 years after the first man passed. 
My beloved brothers, it isn’t in the will of God for you to stay unmarried after the lose of your wife. And it’s better to marry a widow who has gone through your pain please. God is able to help you cater for another’s children .

Please don’t be selfish and self centered. 
For the widowed, please wait on God to settle you. And keep your minds open to marry. God has a man for you and the children. He did for me when I had given up and God can do for you. 

Beatrice Yesufu thanks for all that you do for the Lord on this group and all around the world. After this post is approved I would be leaving this group as my status has changed. The Lord bless you and as it is written, our latter shall be greater than the past in Jesus name. Amen!

By Mistral Edith

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    May the Lord continue to bless your home in Jesus name. Amen.

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